Discription Flow chart How to apply

How to apply

The first step in applying for an IGCC certification service is to send a letter of application to the certification body (IGCC). The purpose of sending an application letter is to enable the IGCC to initially determine whether the applicant is eligible for certification. IGCC will send a notice of acceptance within 10 working days after receiving the application.

The application letter must contain at least the following contents:


1. Relevant legal certificates of enterprises and legal persons

This part of the supporting documents shall indicate the legal production status of the enterprise in the host country, including but not limited to business licenses, corporate legal person registration certificates, etc.;

2. Basic description of involving products

Briefly describe the basic specification, type, process, capacity, and basic conditions of the product manufacturer, address, attribution, ability, etc.

3. Description of the establishment and implementation of the enterprise quality system documents

Please indicate whether the company has established the corresponding quality system documents and whether the documents in the implementation process of the system are retained.

4. Other certifications that the applicant has passed (if any)


The application letter should be sent by email to: china-service@i-gcc.org.

If the applicant is eligible, the IGCC will send them a notification of acceptance, an application and instructions for completing it. If necessary, IGCC certification policies, procedures, and other documents could also be attached to guide applicants to better participate in the certification process.