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Justness Statement

Impartiality statement of IGCC

1. The International Graphene Product Certification Center (IGCC) is an independent third-party certification body, and the IGCC fully understands the importance of impartiality in the implementation of certification activities. The principles and procedures of IGCC operation are non-discriminatory and the management is implemented in a non-discriminatory manner;

2. IGCC will comply with the international accreditation standards, the ANSI accreditation specification and the regulatory requirements of other international organizations that IGCC has joined, and comply with the requirements of the relevant national certification and accreditation related to the cooperative relationship with the certification body, ensuring work in a credible, independent, non-discriminatory and transparent manner.

3. IGCC provides equal quality services to all applicants without any unreasonable and unjustified financial or other conditions; IGCC does not take the size of the supplier, the membership of an association / group, the number of certificates issued as a restriction on the application and certification; IGCC does not deal with the acceptance of certification requirements in any discriminatory manner, including deliberate acceleration or delay of applications.

4. IGCC establishes management committee at the highest level of the organization. The management committee consists of representatives related to the certification activities, including government representatives, manufacturers or supplier representatives, user representatives, consumers, conformity assessment experts, representatives of the organization, etc. The interests of all parties are balanced and neither party is in a dominant position. The management committee is responsible for reviewing the fairness of the guidelines, principles and contents related to the operation of the certification body and certification activities, and evaluating the fairness of product certification and training changes that may affect the impartiality of the organization, and making comments or suggestions. To ensure impartiality, the top IGCC manager does not serve as the chairman of the management committee.

5. IGCC will unswervingly and conscientiously fulfill its commitment to the impartiality of certification activities. It has identified, analyzed and confirmed the possibility of conflicts of interest arising from certification activities (possibly including threats to its own interests, threats of self-assessment, threats of familiarity or trust, threats of coercion, etc.). When there are changes in IGCC that may affect the impartiality of the organization, IGCC will provide relevant information and impartiality analysis report of interest conflict analysis to the committee for the maintenance of impartiality. The impartiality review will be conducted by the impartiality committee to ensure the objectivity and impartiality of IGCC certification activities.

6. IGCC maintains impartiality and independence at the three levels of policy formulation, evaluation (review) and certification decisions.

7. All personnel involved in the accreditation process, such as IGCC and its accreditation, evaluation, audit, inspection, and management, have no commercial, financial or other pressures that may affect the process and conclusion of the certification process. IGCC does not participate in activities that would endanger the impartiality, scientificity and objectivity of certification. No services are provided that may compromise the fairness, objectivity and confidentiality of the certification process and decisions.

8. The IGCC requires all staff (including members of the management committee and the technical committee), subcontractors engaged in evaluation or external inspectors to commit to the impartiality and confidentiality of their work. If a breach of is found, IGCC is responsible for taking appropriate corrective action.

9. IGCC has the policy and procedure to accept and handle complaints, complaints and disputes from the applicant or other aspects of the certification business or other related matters, and to accept and cooperate with the management supervision of the relevant parties of the society.