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IGCC is a global independent third-party certification organization, providing certification service of Graphene raw material and relating products to anyone in need. IGCC was officially established on January, 2018, with its headquarter located in Germany. The foundation of IGCC is supported by organizations such as China Innovation Alliance of the Graphene Industry (CGIA) and Phantoms Foundation (Spain).

IGCC relies on the advantages of various graphene industry platforms around the world, adopts state-of-art standards as the certification specifications, integrates top-level testing resources, to provide professional, high-quality, and package solution of certification services to customers around the world, maintaining a contractual spirit for the industry and building a trusted platform for the market and decision-makers.




Responsibilities of IGCC

1. Establish credible system in parallel with its responsibility according to internationally accepted certification rules, conduct voluntary certification of graphene raw materials and relating products, and ensure the justness and authority of IGCC.


2. Issue certificates and certification marks to applicants passed the certification, renew and publicly release the certificate list; effectively supervise the certificate holders.