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Graphene materials are the origin of the whole graphene industry, all graphene related applications and products are derivations of graphene raw materials. For a long time, there has been no effective method for determining graphene materials. Therefore, in many actual trades, there is a situation in which mutual recognition cannot be reached. As the only graphene product certification organization in the world, IGCC actively invests in research and development, integrates existing testing resources, and has formulated the following five standards for graphene material determination.

P/IGCC 001—2018          Graphene materials judgement guidance

I/IGCC 001.1—2018         Testing method for graphene materials  Part 1Atomic force microscopy

I/IGCC 001.2—2018         Testing method for graphene materials  Part 2X ray diffraction

I/IGCC 001.3—2018         Testing method for graphene materials  Part 3Transmission Electron Microscopy       

I/IGCC 001.4—2018         Testing method for graphene materials  Part 4Raman spectroscopy

Combining the internationally recognized fifth certification model with the world's leading expert team to provide certification services for graphene raw material enterprises, graphene material certification services will not only help to promote product quality improvement and ensure product performance. but also contribute to to break through the trust bottleneck between industries, reduce transaction and management costs, promote trade facilitation, and play a critical role in the establishment of trust platforms.