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With the continuous application of graphene raw materials in end products, new products are emerging one after another. For example: electronic products, energy reserving devices, coatings, electric heating films, conductive inks, plastic composites, and so on. IGCC is committed to improving the environment and creating pilot project of these new products in traditional industries, by developing graphene product standards, and providing cost-effective product performance certification for the majority of graphene products companies through IGCC's comprehensive inspection systems, professionals and rigorous working procedures. service.

Combining the internationally recognized fifth certification model with the world's leading expert team to provide certification services for graphene raw material enterprises, graphene material certification services will not only help to promote product quality improvement and ensure product performance. but also contribute to to break through the trust bottleneck between industries, reduce transaction and management costs, promote trade facilitation, and play a critical role in the establishment of trust platforms.