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IGCC certificates issued to Hangzhou GaoxiTech


June 6, 2019, two IGCC certificates have been issued to Hangzhou Gaoxi Technology Co., Ltd. by International Graphene Product Certificate Center (IGCC) vice chairman and chief auditor, IEC/TC 113 nanotechnology deputy secretary Dr. Werner Bergholz. These two certificates are Monolayer graphene oxide, and Monolayer graphene oxide modified functional textiles.

Hangzhou Gaoxi Technology Co., Ltd. (GaoxiTech) was established in 2016, and focused on production of monolayer graphene oxide and the assembling of materials from it. GaoxiTech holds over 160 patents, among wich 12 are international patents. GaoxiTech was proven to be capable of massive production of monolayer graphene oxide.