Entrusted Testing Authorities

Beijing Center for Physical & Chemical Analysis


Beijing Center for Physical and Chemical Analysis was established in 1979 and is affiliated to Beijing Science and Technology Research Institute. It is a public welfare large-scale comprehensive analytical testing science institution, focusing on food and drug safety, environmental monitoring, material analysis, biotechnology, and domestic scientific instruments. Analytical testing scientific research and technical services work in key areas such as demonstration.

By the end of 2016, BCPCA had a total of 218-million-yuan worth of scientific research equipment, including 94 large-scale instruments and equipment of more than 500,000 yuan. BCPCA has more than 200 employees, including 32 doctors, 39 technicians with senior technical titles, and 12,600 square meters of laboratory and office space. It has comprehensive analysis capabilities from macro to micro, from component to structure. The total economic output exceeds 100 million yuan. BCPCA is equipped with chemical testing department, physical testing department, biotechnology department, material chemistry department, research and development department and domestic scientific instrument application demonstration center and administrative department.

BCPCA is a third-party testing institution with independent legal personality. In 1998, BCPCA passed the Metrology Accreditation (CMA) of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. In 2002, BCPCA passed the Laboratory Accreditation of China National Accreditation Service (CNAS). In 2012, BCPCA passed the qualification of food inspection agency. Identification (CMAF). In 2010, BCPCA became a socialized environmental monitoring agency approved by the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau. In 2014, BCPCA passed the National Analytical Testing and Testing Personnel Training Committee (NTC) training institution and the assessment base qualification. In 2014, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice approved the establishment of the BCPCA Judicial Appraisal Institute.