Entrusted Testing Authorities

National Insitute of Metrology, China


Currently, NIM has 1000 staff members,700of which are scientific or technical workers, including 2 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 78 senior research fellows, 355 associate research fellows. Among them, 192 are awarded with PhD and 223with Master’s degree, forming 59% of the scientific and technical group.

NIM maintains 130 national primary standards, 323national standards and provides1453 types of CRMs, including 591first class CRMs and 862 second class CRMs. NIM has 1423 Calibration and Measurement Capabilities (CMCs) released in BIPM KCDB. This ranks number 5 of all BIPM member countries. In 2016, about 240,000 sets of instruments were verified and calibrated at NIM. 

Since founding, 79 projects held by NIM have won national awards for scientific and technical findings, including 6first-prize State Scientific and Technological Progress Awards, 73 National Awards for Natural Science, second and third-prize of State Scientific and Technological Progress Awards and National Awards for Scientific and Technological Inventions. Besides, 400province-and-minister-level awards for scientific and technical findings have been honored.