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“GrapChina 2018” held its opening ceremony on Sep 18th in Xi’an. The theme of this event is “Starting a New Era of Graphene Industry Development”, co-sponsored by China Innovation Alliance of the Graphene Industry (CGIA) and Xi'an Municipal People's Government. More than 3,000 people from over 20 countries and regions in the world, including well-known experts in the field of graphene, heads of graphene institutions in various countries, and representatives of graphene enterprises attended the conference. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Xiong Jianxin, deputy chief engineer of the Materials and Equipment Department of Sinopec Group and the director of the bidding management department, made a keynote speech entitled “Application Prospect of Graphene in the Petrochemical Industry”, which caused interests of domestic and foreign participators. EPEC will cooperate with CGIA and International Graphene Product Certificate Center (IGCC) first in the field of graphene product certification, and jointly establish access to the graphene product area established by EPEC.com, and jointly build EPEC Global Graphene Products Trading Center.

Mr. Xiong’s talk was composed by three parts: Problems of Petrochemical materials, Graphene application in petrochemical field, and EPEC help introducting graphene into petrochemical field. His talk based on the perspective of application and procurement requirements, the specific products of graphene in the petrochemical field such as anti-corrosion coating, lubricating oil, seawater desalination, sewage treatment, energy saving and emission reduction, special protective clothing (anti-static clothing, chemical protective clothing, cold protection) service, etc., special protective equipment (anti-chemical, cutting gloves, anti-virus masks, etc.).

EPEC platform is an E-commerce platform that facilitates SC2B (supply chain to businesses) transactions of industrial products. This platform is supported by Sinopec’s extensive industrial resources and supply chain services. EPEC will set up an online Global Graphene Products Trading Center, cooperating with CGIA and IGCC:

1. EPEC will jointly establish the entry criteria of EPEC Global Graphene Products Trading Center with CGIA and IGCC, to fulfill the aim that “tell better from good, tell best from better”;

2. Establish the graphene product area on EPEC platform, and built a bridge between the supply and demand sides through this specified area, and cooperated with the CGIA and graphene product suppliers to develop applications through the extensive application market. Typical products will be promoted and piloted within Sinopec first.

3. EPEC platform provides a more professional product to “famous” graphene products, and provides a new and reliable trading platform for the trading of graphene products.

CGIA, which specializes in the deep-rooted graphene industry, will join hands with “Links to the world” EPEC, this inspiring combination will of course open a new era of graphene industry.