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On June 28, 2018, the international Graphene product certification center held the IGCC standards and certification seminar at the "Graphene 2018" global Graphene spring conference held at the international conference center on the river elbe, dresden, Germany. Seminar invited famous European graphene platform Phantoms Foundation President Antonio Correia, international certification experts Werner Bergholz, Gerd Weking, member of Chinese academy of sciences liu and other standard certification at home and abroad and experts in the field of graphene, witnessed the debut "graphene material" global product certification certificate, which attracted great attention from the graphene industry at home and abroad.

The symposium on graphene standards and certification was chaired by Dr. Werner Bergholz and addressed by academician Liu Zhongfan and President Antonio Correia. During the seminar, Li Yichun, member of the national advisory committee of experts on the development of new materials industry and secretary-general of the China graphene industrial technology innovation strategic alliance, presented the appointment certificate of IGCC expert committee members to Werner Bergholz and Antonio Correia. Subsequently, secretary general Li Yichun signed the graphene standards certification cooperation agreement and co-construction of IGCC operation center agreement with Gerd Weking and Antonio Correia, and jointly unveiled the IGCC European operation center with Antonio Correia, marking the official establishment and operation of the IGCC European operation center. The international graphene product certification center has formally cooperated with the European ISC international standardization professional consultation institution, and the graphene standardization certification will gradually enter the international fast track.

Then, entrusted by shandong leadernano technology co., LTD., Chinese academy of sciences academician Liu Zhongfan, on behalf of shandong leadernano technology co., LTD., received the world's first IGCC "graphene material" product certification certificate issued by the international graphene product certification center (IGCC), bringing the atmosphere to a climax. The certificate is personally issued by Norbert, director of the IGCC expert committee, secretary general of the international electrical standards committee (IEC/TC113) and head of standards for the eu's flagship graphene programme.

Dai Shifeng, deputy secretary-general of the Federation and secretary-general of the Federation Standards Committee, made a brilliant report to experts and scholars both at home and abroad on the construction of China's graphene industry standards and certification system after the issuance of the first "graphene materials" product certification certificate. The report grasps the development trend of global graphene standardization construction, takes the international market demand as the guidance, and combines the development status of the industry. It gives detailed reasons for the differences between the Alliance Group standards and ISO international standards (ISO/TS 80004.13-2017 "Terms for Graphene and Related Two-dimensional Materials"), which are unanimously recognized by the guests. Werner Bergholz, an international certification expert with more than 20 years of IEC&SEMI international standardization work experience, said that IGCC has made bold innovations in the field of graphene standards, breaking the current status of incomplete definition of graphene-related materials in existing ISO international standards, and opening up a brand-new standardization road to adapt to the market, which is a major breakthrough on standard certification road.

At the same time, international accreditation experts Werner Bergholz, Gerd Weking, CEO of Sixonia Tech Enterprise and Dr. Martin R. Lohe of Dresden University of Technology were invited to give presentations on graphene standard accreditation systems. So far, the IGCC standard and Certification Seminar has been a complete success. Under the current development background of graphene industry, the construction of IGCC graphene standardization system and product certification work can not only establish an internationally recognized industry standard system, but also help the market to judge graphene enterprises, transfer the trust between the market and enterprises, and escort the healthy development of graphene industry. The Seminar on graphene standards and certification will be a milestone for China's graphene industry to grasp the international discourse and occupy the commanding height of the market in advance.

The licensing ceremony of IGCC European operation center

Academician Liu Zhongfan, on behalf of shandong leadernano, received the world's first "graphene material" product certification