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On October 15th, Mr. Par Picariello, American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) Developmental Operations Director, and Mrs Yanan Hu, Operations Manager of ASTM China Office visited China Innovation Alliance of the Graphene Industry (CGIA) and the Asia Office of International Graphene Product Certificate Center (IGCC). Mr. Lijun Yin, vice secretary of CGIA Standard Committee has warmly welcomed this delegation.

Participated parties exchanged in-depth the views on the vision and planning of ASTM in the graphene industry, the development of China's graphene industry, the promotion of the alliance's development of graphene industry and the graphene product certification work of IGCC.

During the conference, Mr. Picariello fully affirmed the positive role played by CGIA in the development and industrialization of the graphene industry in China, and highly praised the product certification work of IGCC. The participated parties reached a consensus on further profound cooperation on product certification, ASTM standards, and training. All parties will integrate their respective resources and leverage their own platform advantages, combining with ASTM's mature experience in other emerging fields, to more effectively promote the healthy development of graphene industry.

Chao Zhang, Manager of IGCC Materials Certification Department, Guan Wang, Manager of IGCC Product Certification Department, Mingming Wu, Assistant General Secretary of CGIA, and Yunqiao Fu, Deputy Director of CGIA International Cooperation Center, were present at the meeting.